Chinese Character Stroke Order Animator

Chinese Character Stroke Order Animator 2.10

Learn Chinese character stroke order by watching these movies
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Maybe you already can speak Chinese perfectly, even reading, but when it comes to writing it would be a really tough job.
Yes, Chinese characters are difficult. They are totally different from western letters. Don't mention the intimidating stroke orders.
That's exactly why "Chinese Character Stroke Order Animator" can help you a lot. With this software, you may learn characters like watching a movie! The features include:
1 Show how to write Chinese characters stroke by stroke (more than 6,000 most used characters.).
2 Get all Pinyin of a character and read it with real person voice.
3 Get the English explanation.
3 Drag an icon to the interface of other applications, such as internet explorer, to get the characters and learn.
4 Load and save a character list from/to a text file.
5 Multi-language interface including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and more.

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